Mini Outfit Post: Thrifting.

Today was one of those really productive days that I long for every day. I visited the shops I stock in the West end, shopped for supplies and managed to squeeze in a little bit of thrifting. I saw some beautiful things that I would have loved to have snatched up! Pink dial phones, teasets, little tables, hats, bags and lots of lovely shoes.

I then hit the jackpot! An old bush radio with a wooden effect and cream edging. Its so pretty, and in full working order because it has been tweaked. I was so pleased with my find and can’t wait to take a picture in my lovely new room.

I almost took something that wasn’t for sale too..
a little cat. which I decided should be called Vinny. (Vintage for his full name) because he hangs out around all the vintage stores and snoozes on anywhere he things looks comfy. I’m in love!

Outfit details:

Striped Shorts – Topshop.
Striped Top – Zara.
Tights – Topshop.
Blue Shoes – Clarks.
Leather Jacket – H&M.
Orange Crochet Flower Brooch – Messy La




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5 responses to “Mini Outfit Post: Thrifting.

  1. Ohhh I’m in love with Vinny. When I lived in Sacramento there was a record store kitty who I loved to go visit (I think the owners thought I was a little crazy…). He was cool – I guess he even survived a fire when the store burned down a few years back. That was totally random but I felt like sharing :)

  2. Aww, he’s so cute! I’m always making friends with random kitties too~

    It sounds like you had some lucky finds!

  3. Charity

    Great outfit! And cute blog.
    I’m such a Labyrinth addict. I found a shirt on etsy yesterday. I MUST own it in the near future! lol

  4. You have such a cool style! Congrats on your treasures :)

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