Patterned Header

Hi Lovely Viewers! Before my other post today, I’d just like to tell you a little bit about my new header!

Firstly, technology is not my friend. So when I decided to get a little ambitious, I had to gear myself up for it.
Firstly, I visited lovely Lyndall’s (@Royalmilktea) blog and viewed her tutorial on Glittery Text. It was a really simple and easy to follow tutorial, and it completely inspired me.

So then I visited Pugly Pixel, who has free textures for her blog viewers. Pugly Pixel has the most amazing things to share and you can also become a premium viewer and get access to many more!

I decided on the little star textures. Which you can access here.

I don’t have photoshop, and instead I have a free Mac Program which I found on the web called Gimp. I wasn’t sure how to complete the final step of the tutorial – create a clipping mask- so I had to search youtube for some extra help. I found this really helpful video by Mr Gimp Tutorials, which you can also view here.

Overall, I am pretty excited by my new banner. Technology never ceases to amaze me and I certainly wouldn’t  be able to tackle it without the help of fellow bloggers!<3



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2 responses to “Patterned Header

  1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad my tutorial was helpful! I love how the header turned out :)

    Pugly Pixel has so many great resources, I’m a little addicted~

  2. If you’re techno-challenged, you’d honestly never know from looking at your blog. The makeover is fantastic – clean, fresh and thoroughly gorgeous. :)

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