Shoe Heaven

My favourite part of moving house has been the process of decorating my room! It was really important to me to make sure that I showed my personality in my room because I felt in my old room I didn’t. So, taking my time, I decided what I wanted to the room to look like and slowly but surely decorated it.

So here are a few peeks at my shelves and my sofa. The sofa was from Ikea and my dad made my shelves. Having a shoe display has been a dream of mine for years, so it’s so exciting to be able finally have it. I love how cute they all look.

What do you think? I am so pleased with how it’s turning out. Currently, I am lounging on my new couch watching LA Ink.
What a lovely day! Happy Sunday.



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3 responses to “Shoe Heaven

  1. This is one gorgeous shoe display! I absolutely love it! (AND your shoes!) Your wallpapers are so pretty and I’m sure your room is turning out perfect. Can’t wait to see more of it! :)

  2. I love how the shelves are built into a little nook! So cute. And your shoe display is so pretty~

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