I am so happy to announce that I am hosting a little giveaway for my viewers and followers. I am so excited to be reaching 10,000 page views and I couldn’t do it without your help. I am so enthusiastic about my blog and my followers and really feel that you deserve a chance to win something lovely!

Head on over to Royal Milk Tea to view the giveaway, there is lots of time to enter so make sure you do in order to win the sweet prizes :)
I will announce the winner here (messyla), on the 30th of September.

Good Luck Lovely Viewers,
I love you!!



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3 responses to “Giveaway!

  1. Mri

    Your cards are so beautiful ! I’ve read your post on Lyndalls blog and I badly want to win ^^ yaaay! Oh and I just started following you (I didn’t know you had a blog :o)
    What I love about birthdays is, no matter how old you get, you can always have fun and your best friends always make you feel young. And I love the champagne I get ^^ and the birthday cakes my mom makes (they are delicious).
    What I love the most is the company of my family and friends, and the sweet words and that I can do whatever I want on that day and that I can see friends I haven’t seen in years :)

    (sorry, I’m not THAT good in English…)
    xxx <3

  2. I entered and I hope to win! I would love to give those cards to a dear friends.

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