A little lady with a big dream.

Today at work I was completely inspired by Kara’s post (I Might Just Explode) about her experiences of having a business at a young age. It really made me think and also sort of relax and realise that other people share the same thoughts, issues and delights as I do at this age. So I thought I would detail my experiences of being a young lady with a huge dream.

  I started business in January with nothing but a mere dream and some personal health issues that were engulfing other commitments I had. So when the time came to it, I had to make some big decisions with my future.

I didn’t even know if i would be good at crafting or having a business. I just knew that I had a flare for creativity and loved sweet things. So I thought that I needed to try, because there was no harm in trying!

This was my scrapbook page in December 2010. All of the above have now came true! <3

 Initially, I wasn’t sure what my niche was. I had no idea what I would sell but I had a vague idea of the styling I was going to adopt. I started with Christmas decorations for friends last year which, if i am honest, are laughable now. My skills really weren’t great to start with but I kept  trying.

My first attempt at crafting and christmas decoration making. 

 Cards were something I was a little scared of at first. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make them or write sentiments on them. I decided randomly one day that using a vintage typewriter would be ideal and from their a style was born.

Everything started to fall into place slowly. My mum and dad had bought me crafty equipment for my Christmas which was really needed and I was so thankful for their support.  I started making drawstring bags with embellishments and appliqué, which a few shops are still selling today.

Brooches and bookmarks shortly followed, using my crochet and knitting skills. I now had a collection of items that I was really proud of and put my heart and soul in to. I felt I was ready to show them to potential clients.

My dad arranged meetings for me with the local shops around his work. Thanks dad, without your initial boost and help I wouldn’t have been able to do it!  I started to stock a few shops which are my main stockists to date. I was so lucky that all the owners loved my work and were really happy to stock it. It gave me such a confidence boost and let me know I was on the right path. I love my job and to be able to make goods and sell them was literally a dream come true.

I feel that now at this stage I am completely on control. I know my style, my approaches and my techniques. My online presence has grown dramatically and I do feel that has mirrored in my offline presence. I am officially proud of myself. I’m not sure whether initially I was embarrassed for being unable to do one aspect of life and having to move on to something else. But now I realise that I think this all happened for a reason – crafting has changed my life and has made me a better person. My business will continue to grow and in the future, I hope to be even more successful.

 I agree with kara when she talks about her motivations. Sometimes I am beating myself up for not being busy working every minute of the day. I find it really difficult sometimes to juggle business, friendships and the things that 18 year olds do. But the stresses and worries are completely overrulled by the joy that my job brings me. I just want to grow and grow, because I know I can do it!

I hope my story so far is helpful and inspiring to you in one way or another. Being a small business owner is hard and I am not going to deny that. But the perks are truly amazing, and I wouldn’t have life any other way.




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5 responses to “A little lady with a big dream.

  1. Reading this post has given me so much inspiration, so thank you! I’ve had many health issues holding me back from a regular job for a long time now, and having always been creatively inclined, I made so many plans inside my head to open an Etsy store of some kind, or at least just make things. But for some reason (and it seems silly now) I never quite had the confidence. I felt I’d either disappoint myself, or once I took my items online, no one would actually want them. It’s only since opening Tilly & Kira recently that I’ve felt that maybe I could could make a difference for myself. I know crafting is something I want as part of my life, it’s just confidence in myself I’m lacking, I think. But it’s so inspiring to see that people just like me have realised their dreams, too.

  2. Mri

    Oh that is so lovely !
    My dream is to illustrate and start up my own shop and I believe I can do it someday :)
    I loooove your work and I am so proud of you !
    My day just started his own business in Brussels. He’s gonna make sketchbooks and prints and I’m getting my own space for crafting there :) it makes me so happy !
    Keep up the good work girl, I know you can do it!

    With lots of love,
    Mri <3

  3. Mri

    I am just telling the truth :) your work is amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next ! You really inspire me and I love reading your blog !
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment! You don’t know how happy you made me <3
    Believe in yourself and everything is possible! You have talent, girl!
    And don't let anyone say your work isn't good, because it is more than good. It's amazing!
    I really hope we can stay in touch !

    Big Hug,

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  5. Such a wonderful post! I’m sure you will continue to achieve lots of great things!

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