Business Cards

I used to have business cards from Vistaprint, and because I am a genius I put my house phone number on it. I moved house shortly after I ordered a large batch, so I felt a little silly. But, it was kind of a good thing because I was able to order some really sweet and beautiful ones from

I first heard about through the lovely Kaylah from The Dainty Squid. She got some really neat stickers made up for packaging up her orders. I took a little look at the website and was so happy to see that there was a UK version. It was really simple to use and also there were 100’s of designs that I could flick through since I don’t have a logo at this stage.
Also, it was such reasonable prices which is always a bonus!
The website itself was so nice. Literally, it was friendly and welcome and nice! They send you sweet little e-mails about the progress of your order and when you can expect it to arrive from ‘little moo’!

I chose my designs – front and back – then paid and poof! They arrived. I am so unbelievably pleased with the finish, the size and the colours. They give my business a cute edge and also a professional edge. Now to find my stockists and branch out! :)




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2 responses to “Business Cards

  1. Mri

    Ooh lovely ! They are so cute and colorful !
    They are so nice! They are the cutest and most beautiful I’ve ever seen ! <3

    ps: I'm following you on BlogLovin' (just so you know, because you can't see who's following you :p)


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