Bikes and Babes

As everyone knows, I love bikes. In particular, I love my summer restoration project of my little blue bicycle. [If you want to view the posts visit them here and here. :-)]. I love the feeling of being on a cycle, its so free and the wind blowing in your hair is a lovely feeling. I follow the blog Bikes and Babes each day to see the ladies in the rest of the world who have pretty bikes too. You can submit your bike pictures and if the blogger likes it..she will post it! And guess what?

She liked my bicycle!

–Click here :-)

I am so over the moon. Not for me, but for my little bike. She is getting her moment of fame! I love how I have given her a new lease of life and now she is being featured on blogs..<3 love!



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2 responses to “Bikes and Babes

  1. My dream is to own a lovely old bike like yours!

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