Christmas Fever

Firstly, I know Christmas is a long time away although being a gift maker who sells stocks to shops, I have to get a move on earlier in order to approach shops in October. So that is why I am making decorations extremely early, not that I am part elf. Although I would love to be part elf..

I was really scared about Christmas because it is the biggest holiday for card and gift makers of the world. So, I felt it necessary to start making lots of nice things for christmas.

Christmas wreaths are always a good shout, so I started with them. Let me know what you think! :) Its so exciting!

Remember, there is still a chance to enter my giveaway over at Royal Milk Tea! I will announce the winner here on the 30th of September :)



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3 responses to “Christmas Fever

  1. Mri

    They are beautiful ! Probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen ^^ <3


  2. Your wreaths are really very lovely! And i think Christmas will be here before we all know it! x

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