Instagram Tuesday

This week has been jam packed with brain storming, bike riding, work and exploring a country park.
I hope you are having a lovely week, it really is winter here now. The days are so cold and the wind is like little icicles hitting your face. I left my house earlier today to walk to work and I walked through the park/woodland area. It was so nice to see the little squirrels bobbing about and the stream rushing downhill.

So here is some instagram updates, it’s my favourite iphone app by far. <3



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2 responses to “Instagram Tuesday

  1. Those mushrooms look great! I can’t wait for the rainy season to start so I can go foraging again.

  2. Mri

    Lovely pics :D I love instagram… unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone…
    Oh well.. it’s great to look at other peoples pics :D
    The weather here is so good at the moment! In summer we had no sun and now it’s really hot. But it’s lovely ^^

    have a nice week
    xxx, Mri

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