Birthday Wish-List: Jo’s Totes.

My birthday is in a little less than a month and I am really excited for my
presents! I’m at that age where ordering them myself of the Internet is just as
thrilling as the surprise. So, this year I ordered a Jo’s Totes bag! I am so
beyond excited because so many of my favourite bloggers have them and seem to
love them! See them here, here, here and here.

After a long deliberation I decided on the green Millie bag. The reason being
that I want it to be my adventure bag and i feel the size and over the shoulder
strap is perfect for on a bike! In am so excited to nestle in my little Nikon
and my other adventure gear. Which brings me to my next purchase.. An instax mini!

This is something I have been wanting for so long and it’s so amazing to say that it’s in the mail for me now :) I have an older Polaroid camera but the film is just so expensive that I really can’t afford to use it. So updating to this little beauty is something i am so looking forward to! Yippee.

I think it will be a lovely birthday and I can’t wait to use my Jo’s tote!



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2 responses to “Birthday Wish-List: Jo’s Totes.

  1. That bag is so pretty! I love the colour! I bought myself an Instax for my birthday too :) It’s nice to have an instant camera where the film isn’t crazily expensive or hard to find~

  2. Awesome presents! I love this bag! Perfect choice. The color is awesome!
    And you’re a lucky one with this camera! I also want to have the Instax Mini!
    It’s the same with me… I also have an old polaroid but can’t affors the expensive films!

    But anyway I hope you’ll have a lovely day and fun with your presents! :)
    xx, Sarah

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