Where I blog: Part One.

I am such a nosey blogger. I love seeing my fellow bloggers houses, the contents of their bags and especially where they blog. Where do you write all your posts? Where do you do all the planning for the posts of the future?
I find it really exciting. Maybe because I am a nosey parker as I said.

So I thought I would share where I like to blog. I blog in two places mainly: at my desk and on my couch.
I am lucky enough to have made effective use of limited space and incorporate a little living room into my room. So this is where I do the majority of my blogging. But when I am making images or anything that requires GIMP (my mac and free equivalent of Photoshop) I need to work at my desk on my larger desktop computer that houses my fonts and brushes etc.

I am always so inspired by other people houses and the way they always look beautiful and personalised. So I wanted to make sure that my desk emotes as much of me as possible because, after all, it should be my one most inspiration places.It isn’t completely finished, I’d still like to decorate a few things in this area like my keyboard because I found a super cute DIY.

I love this little phrase. I wish it could be true but it’s really too wet to be cycling everyday. Until I get a “rainy day” bike I can’t fufill this wish! I am a loser, i know.

So that is a sneak peak at my blogging area where I do my photo making and designing. Have you shared your blogging space? Send me a link by commenting below, I would love to see!


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