Ways to being a happier and more optimistic person.

This past week I have been feeling a little off and not my usual happy self. Perhaps it has been going on for longer than a week, but the recent situation (iphone-ness) has really stirred the pot and brought this mini “depression” to boil. I think depression is a really strong word, so that truely isn’t how I feel. I think the technical word is “bleh”.

So, I made a decision last night that the only way I can get out of this is to get out of it myself. It’s only me that is in my way and stopping me being my usual bubbly self. I made a list of things that I think should be the key ways to being a happier, more optimistic and generally cheery person.
(All images have made me smile, click each to find their source!)

Start each day with a delicious breakfast,
I think starting each day with a breakfast that is really enjoyable and energy sustainable is really important to have a nice day. In my case, it is going to mean having scrambled eggs on toast.

Wear a sweet and wonderful outfit,
Dressing the part is something that can instantly lift my spirits. Putting in that little extra effort in the morning can go a long way for your overall mood and self confidence.

Organise your time, 
When I am organised, i feel most in control and able to make to for the fun things that make me extra happy. Spending lots of time in front of the TV or the computer or texting on my phone are not good ways of using my time. I’m going to section little slots for the recreational things, but only in moderation.

They say that if you smile, you instantly feel better. And that old thing too that it’s easier to smile than frown.

Think of something that you are thankful for each morning, 
Wake up and think of one thing that you are so grateful for having. Even if each day it is the same as the day before..if there is something that makes you smile, then think of it all day long. It’s these things that out weigh the bad.

Look at an inspirational image, 
I think most people do this through the way of tumblr, so I am going to create an account and try and upload each day an image that has completely blown my socks off.

Do a little exercise each day, 
I find that if I go a walk each day it really motivates me and gives me those happy endorphins that keep me going. No matter how short or long the burst of exercise is..every little helps!

Ask someone how they are,
Sometimes the nicest thing to do is to be nice. Ask someone how they are feeling that day at work, at home or on the phone. It’ll make them happier and it will in turn make you happier.

Only do things that you love, 
I know sometimes this is impossible, so don’t quote me on it. But often, I find myself saying yes to things that I really feel uncomfortable doing or that I wish I had said no to. I feel that now I know to only try and do things that I am truly passionate about. (to a certain extent)

Blog each day, 
When I fall behind on blogging it makes me stressed and disappointed in myself. So if I keep myself organised and find the time each day to blog, I will be on top of things and be able to share all my happy days with my blog readers. Also to add to this, make sure that I catch up on blog comments and visit others – your days and optimism also keeps me going!

Read more, 
When I read books I have an immediate feeling of escapism. My plan is to fall asleep each night whilst reading a book and join the local library.

Take a photo,
Much like looking at inspirational photos, I plan to take a photo each day of something that made me smile. I would have documented this with my iphone, but instead I will do it with my camera or my instax that is on the way.

and last but not least,

Speak with positivity,
Being positive in conversations and not dwelling on the unfortunate things is really important. This past week I have been moaning and groaning about the loss of my iphone, when instead i should be saying how thankful I am that a material object is all I have lost and that I was unharmed in the process. So having a positive spin on everything is going to be a major aspect of my happy being!

I hope this has inspired you a little to be a more optimistic person in your day to day life. How do you stay refreshed and cheery?

Have a lovely week folks!



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2 responses to “Ways to being a happier and more optimistic person.

  1. I love this inspirational list! And I do a few of those things myself. Like, reading always makes me feel more cheery so I always have a stack of books to hand. And I always feel better when I’m organised (so I bought myself the cutest Japanese planner!) I’m glad you’re feeling more positive, and hope the list helps.

    Oh, and my happy breakfast is Ready Brek with a teaspoon of Nutella stirred in :)

  2. Mri

    Thank you for this wonderful post ^^

    xxx, Mri

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