The camera I’m currently using is a Nikon Coolpix L110 and it is really suitable for the little camera knowledge I have and also for the purpose it has. The only minor problem is that it really doesn’t like indoor lighting – it prefers to be out in the garden with the sunshine. So one day, I desperately needed to get some product photos taken for my Etsy shop, there was a gap in the extremely rainy day that was perfect for me to rush and take photos.

It was literally a timebomb before the rain started again, so I knew I had 10 mins tops to get about 50 cards photographed, brooches and bookmarks. Naturally I was going crazy and making sure I was getting the best pictures!

Ike decided he didn’t like not being the centre of attention and felt the need to jump onto my photographing table..

How cute! But in the heat of the moment I let out a little squeal at how much I had to do in a limited time, so I wasn’t that impressed. But now looking at the photo, he is just a big teddy bear looking for some cuddles. <3


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