Birthday Tea Party

Today is my birthday, yay! I am 19 years old. And if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen the photos of my little family tea party table I spent all day making and organising. I am pleasantly sleepy with veggie fajitas in my belly and lots of marshmallows so I will share more birthday details tomorrow once I re-charge my own batteries. Good Night & Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Birthday Tea Party

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I just love love love your birthday treats table. The jazzed up marshmallows look so cute and yummy! Words that come to mind are playful and quirky. And of course my beady little eyes didn’t miss the crochet doilies! What wonderful taste you have! :-) I hope you had a lovely day.

  2. Mri

    xxx, Mri

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