Little Tricks to Managing My Time

Recently, I’ve found the key thing to getting lots of work done and still have time for other things is to effectively manage my time. So here is a list of ways that I have found really beneficial to successful time management in the crafty business..

1. Make things in a job lot. 
– Primarily when making cards, I will about 6-8 of each card at the one time. I feel this saves so much time in the future and makes cutting out or hot glueing or stamping a lot easier when it is all done in the one moment in the one area. Making a little production line in the process: cutting, preparing, sticking, packaging, labeling, done. Having orders that include lots of the same card is sometimes a little easier than 6 different cards!

2. Combining trips. 
– Similar to above, I find that combining my trips is a really important thing financially but also for saving time. If I am dropping off orders, buying supplies or having’s so much easier to schedule these for the one day at different time slots.  You are also saving petrol and means other days can solely be dedicated to making..yay!

3. Making lists 
– Making lists and planning out what you are going to do that day keeps me on top of my time.  And it helps if it’s in a really flowery and super cute notebook too. Do you have shelves and drawers full of empty but really pretty notepads? I’m so guilty for stocking up on them as if they are going to go out of fashion.

Found here.

3. Schedule blog posts. 
– When I have a spare hour or so, I like to plan and sometimes schedule my blog posts! Even if you have a break at work, jot down a few ideas for a post to publish that evening. I think that’s also a great motivator to have thoughtful posts that you have thought about that day and have had time to develop! :)

Found Here.

4. Take tasks with you everywhere you go. 
– Within reason! I don’t mean take your really large paint sets with you or your glue gun..but I think it’s a great idea to have “Handbag Projects” that you can take everywhere you go. I like to take my knitting or my punch to make confetti whilst i’m sitting in the car or chilling in front of the tv at C’s.

Found Here.

5. Always be working.
– I know this sounds a little daunting, but I have come to the conclusion that always working is the simplest way to stay on top of your time management. Working on your day off can be a simple thing like picking up a supply if you pass the shop on your cycles, networking at the cute crafty cafe you visited for lunch or taking pictures of inspiration. No biggy, but still working away none-the-less!

I hope these little tips will be helpful for you too!
Have a lovely week.



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2 responses to “Little Tricks to Managing My Time

  1. Awesome tips for managing time for business owners. Love it!

  2. Thank you for the tips, I think they will come in useful for me!

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