Christmassy Layout

Ta-da! What do you think? I thought it would be nice to get in the festive mood and make a themed layout for the blog and my etsy shop! This is my first christmas having a blog that is up and running so I was really excited to dress it up in its christmas best.

Today I went to visit Allie at Lavender Blue and replaced some of my items and tidied up some that I didn’t quite like anymore. I also did a bit of impressive reverse parking which I am exceptionally proud of..I am normally terrible at it, hit the kerb then panic and drive away to a far far away space. So I was a bit too happy that I parked successfully that I bought a lovely hot chocolate for a treat.

I have also been planning a Christmas Guide to Messy La shopping which I will hopefully publish this weekend! It’s some helpful tips for buying handmade this year..I will be offering wrapping and gift tag typing too! Having a handmade christmas is on the top of my list this year because I think it is such a loving thing at this time of year. Let’s all do handmade this christmas and in the new year! :)

I’m off to bed to do some online christmas shopping.
I am like an elf.



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2 responses to “Christmassy Layout

  1. I love the Christmas layout!

    I’ve been planning a handmade Christmas for this year, I think it will be a lot of fun. :)

  2. I didn’t see it before, this is my first visit here. But I like the look so far :) Very nice and festive! I’m so excited about the holidays :)

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