My Other Day Job

As much as I would like it to be, having an indie business is not my full time job. Being in the “manufacturing” industry means that I am constantly shelling out for materials, tools and packaging supplies. So, it is so handy to have another income to help with the above – especially when business is slow and I need to splash out for new things to make new items to get new customers. ( A domino effect/vicious cycle – whatever you would like to call it! ;))

I work at the beginning of the weeks at a local gift shop (The Wee Gallery and Gift Shop) in the village we moved to. It is incredibly handy and equally thrilling as it is in the same “field” as MessyLa. It is incredible being on the other side of the fence and seeing how other businesses approach us, deliver to us and even seeing other businesses invoice styles. I am so grateful to have two fufilling jobs that are always so creative and inspiring.

We pride ourselves in selling beautiful gifts that you might not see everywhere. From farm yard animal prints, to ceramic hens, to delicate handmade jewlerry to delightful children’s toys – there really is something for every customer!

I have a little weakness for the children’s toys..partially because I am a big child and also because they are insanely adorable. (I’m talking pretty wooden toasters, floral tea sets, teapot dollshouses and toy soldier bowling) You will always find me making cute displays, playing with the teasets or winding up the music boxes.

[All photos are by myself, via my instagram as I forgot my camera!]

From working in such a lovely gift shop I have learnt so many beneficial things and met lots of like minded people that share a passion for pretty things. So if you are ever in Eaglesham, (Or if you are further a field and would like a countryside get-away with the added bonus of a cute shop) then visit us at:

The Wee Gallery and Gift Shop
52 Montgomery Street
G76 0AS
T: 01355 302 948.


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