Bicycle Luggage Tags and More!

Today I added some new items to my Online Shop: bicycle gift tags and Typewriter Christmas Cards. (see here.). It’s always a fight against the elements and the darkness to get a decent product photo these days. If its not rainy, its windy. If it’s not windy, it’s gloomy! So, when clear skies struck..I ran.

I also managed to snap a little picture of my messy craft room. I feel that it’s allowed to be messy when I am deep in inspiration. So I don’t feel too bad about it. (Just keep telling myself that..).

It’s an organised mess though, yes? Does anyone agree that “organised messes” are quite effective..No?

This weekend I plan to do my first vlog! I am really excited to be able to connect with my readers through another medium and also to do a tutorial which I feel there is a lack of on the internet. Origami Cranes! Seriously, I spent about 2 hours last night trying to make one. 5 failed attempts later (And to be honest the finished one still has his flaws..) I managed to finish one and thread some gold thread threw the top and hang it from my mini chandelier. (See here). At some points I was getting far too frustrated and began ripping my paper. Origami is an art, I have a new found respect for origami professionals.

I also added some photos and updates to my Messy La facebook page! If you have facebook, please share the love and “like” the page. It would mean the world to me! Have a lovely day, what have you been crafting today?



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3 responses to “Bicycle Luggage Tags and More!

  1. the labels are so cute! great job!

    and ooh, vlog! i’m looking forward to that! i’m so impressed by anyone who is fearless enough to make them (sadly i’m not one you you, yet).

  2. I think you should watch out for the box of Ultra something that seems to want to topple over. Messy is good if you want to be creative :)

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