La Loves Friday v.1

I am returning La Loves! If you have been following me this past year, I used to do La Loves on a Tuesday or Thursday. I then stopped for a while for reasons unknown to myself. I am so happy to return this feature in sharing all the lovely things I have seen this week..especially on the run down to Christmas! (Perhaps my family will read my blog and know exactly what to get me…).
I hope you all have that ‘Friday Feeling’. I deffinetly do! Today I am doing various Messy La things and then I am going out for dinner with my friend Lisa. I am so excited for some grub. (and of course a chit chat with my friend.)

So here is what I am lusting after today, enjoi:

5. My Milk Toof blog! I am totally in love. I love little minature things and these little teeth are the cutest. I have asked for the book for my Christmas..I really hope santa gifts it to me.

4. Origami Crane making, and there is a vlog coming your way on how to make them! :)


3.  Handcarved stamps by Memi The Raindbow.

2. Coffee cup holders are so cute and extremely useful! I find the paper ones still let the heat come through, so this sweet little cozy would do quite nicely!

1. Sweet cushions for my couch!



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3 responses to “La Loves Friday v.1

  1. Thanks for introducing us to My Milk Tooth. They’re adorable!!! And I do wish you receive all your christmas wishes :)

  2. I love My Milk Toof too! And that fox pillow is just adorable.

  3. i love the fox pillow!

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