10 Fun Facts

About the La behind Messy La.


I love when my favourite bloggers share some fun little facts about themselves that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. It really makes you feel like you are getting to know the blogger on a different level instead of hearing all the things they “want you to hear”. So here are some fun little facts about myself that you may not have known!:

1. When I was 13, I performed a 24hour sponsored silence to raise money for the Cats Protection League.
2. I don’t eat meat. I am not a vegetarian per-say. As in, if I am given mince at a friends house I will eat it to save being picky! However, in my own home I choose not to eat meat.
3. I am currently attempting to master the art of different egg styles at breakfast. So far I have cracked (excuse the pun) scrambled, boiled, poached and fried.
4. I am 5 foot 3 inches. So I often feel the need to wear heels for that extra height!
5. When I go to the cinema I have two specific sweets that I only get in my pic and mix. Chewy pink milk bottles and mini eggs.
6. My name is Lara. Although, my family and friends call me La.
7. I dont like warm weather. I prefer the cold and the rain.
8. My first car  was a lime green smart car. I loved her so much! She was called Chello after the Italian liqueur Limoncello.
9. I sometimes get claustrophobic in my shoes if they are too tight.
10. I always fall asleep with the light on.

I hope you enjoyed those fun facts about me! They were things I normally wouldn’t share because they are just minute details of my life. Today is small business Saturday: so I am going to do my best and only shop/eat in my favourite little places. Have a lovely saturday!



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4 responses to “10 Fun Facts

  1. I get claustrophobic in shoes that are too tight XD

  2. Yay, I love learning more about people :) Your smart car sounds so cute! Little cars are the best.

    I can’t stand wearing shoes when I’m at home too, and I hate wearing socks in the house, I feel like I’m collecting every bit of dirt from the floor! I’m loving the warm weather when I can be barefoot all the time at home~

  3. I loved reading all about you! Such fun! I think it’s such a good idea for a blog post, in my latest blog post I did something similar. (I did say that you inspired me to do the same and pointed readers to your blog and your Etsy shop)

  4. Oh, and I told my husband about your sponsored silence project. He was very keen to sponsor me to do the same… :)

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