When you buy handmade, you are supporting someone’s dream.

I have finally started my Christmas shopping last week – and as I’ve mentioned before, I am making a conscious effort to buy handmade and from indie businesses as much as possible. (DVDs I tend to buy from Amazon.) So far, I’ve bought some housey things for my sister at my work (wee gallery and gift shop),  some jewelry from the Twee vintage fair and various bits and bobs from Etsy!


I think it is so important to support small businesses like myself this Christmas – and I hope you will join me!  When you buy handmade, you are feeding the makers dream. For some, like Messy La, we have invested our savings into our businesses and cherish every sale we make. When people choose my items for their Christmas, I am completely over the moon! To Think I will be a part of someone’s festivities makes every long hour and stressful time completely worth it. I live for my job!

It’s easy to get disheartened when you visit popular blogs and see their etsy sales. But you must stop and think to yourself: once upon a time, they too were at the beginning of their careers. They went through the same process and they worked insanely hard to make their way up the twinkle light lit ladder.  We can do it too! If we support each other and buy handmade as much as we can, we can make people’s dreams a reality. This year, my dream of owning a small craft business has been realised. I have had an amazing year: full of growing, making and selling. Sometimes I smile ear to ear when I think about my career. I am so thankful and so lucky that my items have been well received and are making their way into the crafty world.

I love my job. I love having such creativity throughout my life. I love creating new things. I love meeting like minded people. I love MessyLa. And none of this could be possible without you and my stockists!  I am eternally grateful.

I thought it might be nice to show a little sequence of messyla.

→ Order comes in..
→ I smile and dance about.
→ I make the special items.
→ I wrap them beautifully.
→ I smile and dance about and clap my hands.
→ I deliver them.
→ You smile and dance about.
→ Money made from items are used to buy new supplies to make more pretty things.
→ I upload them to etsy/show them to shops.
→ Order comes in… And so on and so forth!


I hope this post has encouraged you to buy handmade this Christmas. I have shared how much your sales mean to me, so I hope you like my items enough to include them in your festivities!

With lots of love and Christmas spirit!


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  1. this post hit very close to home. i try and buy a lot of handmade around the holidays, and throughout the year, too. great post!

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