Birthday Bunting DIY.

A couple of months ago, I did a little birthday themed DIY over at Royal Milk Tea! It’s a simple and cute DIY to make paper bunting – using paper scraps, pegs and string. In the spirit of my blogging birthday, I wanted to share it with you on Messy La. (You can still view the RMT post here.). So if you are a new follower and haven’t seen the tutorial or simply would love to see it we go! Enjoy.

Collect some scraps of paper. I don’t know about you, but I build up a scrap drawer that I am always aiming to use up when I get a chance. (and by drawer I mean about 3 racks full of odd bits and pieces that I ‘intend’ to use one day). However, this is the perfect opportunity! So, take your scraps, making sure they are big enough to fufill a 10 x 10cm square (10cm is roughly 4 inches). The squares can be bigger or smaller..just as long as they are a perfect square. I like to try and make my colour scheme compliment each other, if possible!

Measure 5cm (half) of the square and put a little pencil mark.

Cut from the corner to the pencil mark on both sides. I like to use my paper trimmer to ensure that it is a perfect triangle.

Attach triangles to your string using your pegs.

Display, sing happy birthday and enjoy! It’s as easy as that and is super fun to do. Adding a handmade touch to a birthday is my favourite thing to do, it lets that birthday girl/boy know that you truly love them!
Easy as pie! But super cute and such a cute decoration. I can imagine making meters and meters of this would be so lovely!


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3 responses to “Birthday Bunting DIY.

  1. Allie McCann

    Love love loving the website and blog Lara, and so great to meet up on Thursday to chat all things Business…..Beyonce was right….who runs the world, Girls…..allie x

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  3. Joy

    Great blog and ideas! Just wanted to let you know I’ve included one of your bunting photos and a link in my post:

    All the best!

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