Room Sneak Peaks + Being at the Hairdressers.

Hi! Today I went to the hair dressers and got my fringe neatened up. My mum always gets these spontaneous moments when she feels that she is a hair dresser and can cut my fringe beautifully, you see. Although, more often than not, I end up back at the hair dressers to get them to fix the little mess we made in our “Home Salon”. She does a great effort though.

Whilst sitting in the hair dressers I couldn’t help but think about how traumatic I find being there. I find the whole process a little frightening and can’t help but panic a tad. Its the awkward conversations, the staring at yourself in the mirror for 45 minutes, the scissor happy stylists and the copious amounts of gel stuff that they coat my hair in! And wrap in the hot hair dryers and loud music and I’ve got myself in a bit of a mess.

Although, the result was nice and I desperately needed a hair cut. But I guess you could say that I just shared another small little detail about myself! Once I came home from the hairdressers I decided to clean my room and make it all pretty. Don’t you just love making your room look like a shop? I strategically place everything and fold my jumpers like you would find in Zara. It’s actually so fun! And when I have a clean room I instantly feel peaceful and happy.

I plan to do a full room tour in the new year but for now here are a couple of instagrammed pictures of my favourite sections in my room! Have a lovely night..can you believe tomorrow is Friday?

P.s. I have a Christmas/Birthday party tomorrow night that I finally get to wear my sparkly heels to. I am so beyond excited to wear them! They are like christmas in a shoe.


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