Julie and Julia

After mentioning in my previous Elfy post that I would like to bake something every week in 2012, my mum said that I would love a certain film that is a favourite of hers. So, last night I watched the incredible Julie and Julia for the first time and was completely swooning over it! One thing I particularly loved was how Julie was blogging; It really just shows how powerful a blog can be in our careers. And of course their passion for cooking was so enjoyable to watch. My mum is an amazing cook, so I hope this will be my year of adopting these skills too.

I am now in a complete culinary mood and want to wear pearls. On that note I will leave you to a lovely Friday, I hope to make rocky road; finish some Christmas cards and a little more wrapping. See you tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Julie and Julia

  1. You’re right, Julie & Julia was an amazing movie mixed with cooking and blogging.

    Definitely will wear my pearls with you!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed this film; it’s one of my favourites! I love the mix of cooking & blogging.

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