Meeting Etsy as Strangers.

One thing my mum said to me this Christmas is that she tried to buy me a few things from Etsy shops, but found the process really difficult and ended up abandoning ship. Similarly, some friends who are following my Messy La Facebook page said that they too are a little stumped on how to use Etsy. I then I had a thought. We sellers find Etsy easy to use, but what about our customers? Do we ultimately lose sales because people don’t know how to use it/dont know how to make an account/can’t be bothered making an account/don’t have paypal/or know what Etsy & Paypal are? Scarey. Yes.

So I thought I would put together a little step by step to make sure that nobody chooses not to buy our handmade products, simply because they weren’t in the know how.

1. Search for the product you are looking for. Most Etsy sellers tag their items well, to ensure that you will find us easily.

Here I have searched for “Handmade Get Well Soon Card” in the search bar and pressed search. You are then brought to a page full of items that have matched your search. Find the one you want, and click on it to see more information and larger photos.

2. You’ve chosen a card that suits your needs. In this case, it is my Mini Vintage Scrap card. You now have to click Add to Cart.

3. Now your lovely card choice is in your basket, and you are going to the checkout. Here you can say which country you are delivering to, choose your postage dispatch time (If available to be changed) and also leave any notes to the seller that might be necessary. For this card, the customer chooses between the 4 designs available and lets me know at the checkout.)

4. You are now asked whether you have an account already and therefor Sign In or whether you have still to register to Etsy. Click the Register tab and fill out the details. In this stage, choose your username wisely as it will stay with you throughout! Click Register.

5. You are now taken back to the checkout and asked to sign in with your Paypal Account. If you don’t have a Paypal Account you are able to use Paypal as a guest for this one off payment of your beautiful card. Following your payment, you are taken back to Etsy to say CONGRATULATIONS for buying handmade.

I hope that has been a helpful little tutorial for those of you who were struggling with using Etsy. Once you are in the swing of it, you will be constantly buying pretty handmade things that you wouldn’t find on the high street. I am a little jealous that you have still to discover the wonders that is Etsy and the handmade community. Enjoy! And don’t say I didn’t warn you about the need to buy all the pretty handmade things..

Etsy Homepage | Messyla Etsy Shoppe.

With love, La.


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