My New Year Resolutions

This year, I wanted to make sure I made realistic resolutions that I am positive I can achieve. I normally set goals like “Don’t bite your nails”, “No Chocolate” and “No Pizza”. But it always fails miserably and then I end up feeling angry at myself. So this year, I want nice resolutions that I can achieve and in turn feel good about myself for succeeding. So here we go!

1. Take more Photos.
And I mean of everything. Every project I am working on, every beautiful moment. I want to be able to document my whole year in 2012 with pictures of what has inspired me. Inspiration strikes at any moment and you most definitely want to be prepared with a camera to snap it up. So I will be ready. Click.

2. 52 Weeks of Instax Project.
I really love this project, I have seen it one of my favourite blogs (The Dainty Squid) and it seems such a great idea to hold on to your memories. It’s similar to the above resolution, but with a retro twist. I am also going to put them in a narrow little scrapbook I got for my Crimble.  So I am very excited for this one!

3. 52 Weeks of Baking Project.
I love to bake but have been out the loop of the culinary scene since we moved house. I make the odd stir fry but my main passion in the kitchen is to bake. Spatulas at the ready, sweet treats are on their way.

4. Improve my Knitting Skills.
I would love to learn all the stitches known to gran and be an extremely competent knitter. Practice makes perfect and I am very exhilarated to begin this resolution. Knit one, Purl one!

5.Expand my products in my online shoppe && my local presence.
More outlets, craft fairs and a well stocked Etsy store. Fresh ideas are filling my notebooks and I can’t wait to sift threw them and highlight the diamonds in the rough!

What are you resolutions? Let me know in the comment box below! La xo.



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4 responses to “My New Year Resolutions

  1. Woah girl! Is that your headboard?! It’s freaking gorgeous. I’m going to have to add a headboard to my “to-thrift” list and set up something like this. I’ve always wanted a little night time twinkle in my bedroom. ♥

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