Supporting The Little Businesses: Artisan Roast, Glasgow.

Last year I briefly started a feature called “Supporting the Little Businesses” and didn’t quite keep it up. (Despite going to loads of indie cafes and shops in 2011.) So, a new year is time for a new organisational system. I hope to bring this feature back to life and post fortnightly about my new/old favourite small businesses.

First to be featured on Supporting the Little Businesses in 2012 is Cameron and I’s favourite coffee hub – Artisan Roast.  Located on Gibson Street, West End, Artisan Roast is Glasgow’s hidden gem. It is our coolest cafe, the King of Coffee (voted by The Skinny Magazine) and also a Roastery.

In the past few months we have become coffee enthusiasts with a somewhat high standard of what a “Good Coffee” is. So we were delighted to hear about Artisan’s amazing coffee through the grape vine. Or should I say the coffee tree..

If you are fanatical about coffee, Artisan Roast is the perfect cozy haven to visit. It’s vintage furniture, fresh hefty sandwiches and cute little cups are the makings of your enjoyable stay. Along with friendly, coffee-loving baristas and an array of delicious cakes, you are set for a lovely afternoon.

It’s so refreshing to go to a cafe that is so passionate about what it does – you can really feel their enthusiasm as they make your beautiful coffee. (I say beautiful because they seem to be the masters of coffee art.) These friendly guys and girls are more than willing to help you with your coffee needs and are not scared to tell you their secrets. They love coffee and it’s art – and they want you to aswell.

When looking at their quirky blackboard, you are not short of choice. There are a variety of blends available to choose from as they do all their own roasting downstairs. Seasonal blends and an all year round espresso blend.  You can even buy a little brown bag full of your desired beans for £5.50. (Ground beans or whole beans..which ever you prefer!)

Overall, Artisan Roast is our go to place to quench our coffee thirst. It’s studenty atmosphere is most welcoming every time we visit and we’ve not looked back since. An added bonus to your visit? You get a loyalty card and a signature each time you go. Ours is full, so we are due our free flat white. I can’t wait!

(My Christmas nails at our last visit)
All photos c/o Cam. Thank you!

Video taken from Artisan Roast Website.

Artisan Roast | 15 Gibson St. | Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm Sat: 9am-7.30pm Sun: 9am-6.30pm

La x


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