Little Interview with Heidi of Tilly and Kira!

Recently, I have found lots of new blogs that I have been captivated by. Some are culinary blogs, some are crafty goddesses and some have beautiful photographs depicting pretty things that I just drool over. One in particular that I find so enchanting is Tilly & Kira. Heidi’s blog is pastel heaven with a cute little teapot illustration in the header. So, naturally, I wanted to know more!

Heidi is on her quest to become a domestic goddess and seems to be doing a spectacular job. Here sweet DIYs and baked treats are enough to get you following her blog with wide hungry eyes. Heidi and I have been somewhat ‘Penpals’ this past couple of months, so I was delighted when she agreed to take part in my little interview. Heres what we chatted about:

Q: Hi Heidi! Thank you for taking part in my Messyla interview. I feel our blogs are from the same crafty seed as we share the same interests! Who or what would you say was your inspiration behind the lovely Tilly and Kira?

A: The inspiration behind the name came from two lovely cats I owned, Tilly and Kira. Sadly, they both passed away, so this is my way of remembering them. However, the inspiration for the blog itself came simply from my desire to share all the creative things I was learning. It was so amazing to discover how many others had the same ideals and passions as me.

Q: I’m so sorry to hear about your little cats, but it is an extremely lovely way to remember them. Blogs certainly are a wonderful way of portraying your passions. If you had to choose, (I know it’s hard!), which crafts do you love doing the most?

A: I love sewing. I won’t pretend I’m great at it, but I really do love it. I also really enjoy knitting. It’s fun and relaxing, and what I love most is that it can even be done whilst watching television. This is especially nice in the colder months.

Q: There is a whole colourful world of crafts we have all yet to encounter. Is there any other crafts you would be interested in trying?

A: I’d love to learn to crochet. Now that I’m finding my way with knitting (and loving it), crochet really must be next.

Q: In your new years resolutions, you shared with us your plans to expand your little etsy shop. Could you treat us to what sort of things you are thinking of?

A: Absolutely! At the moment I’m working on a range of fabric hair accessories. First of all, I really need to improve my hand stitching skills before I go ahead and sell any of the products, but they are definitely coming! I also have a series of necklaces I’m hoping to design and develop. My shop will have a very girly, retro vibe, with a tiny bit of quirkiness!

Q: I am so excited to see it’s progress. I think others can join me in saying that you, yourself, are a very inspiring crafter. Your photos make my heart melt! So if you could sum up your blog in one word, which would it be?

A: Thanks! I truthfully can’t pinpoint the one word to perfectly describe my blog is, but I do know that more than anything I try my best to keep it fun. Of course, I do hope to someday turn my crafting adventures into something really great (even a career); but for now I think it’s important for me to remember to just have fun and not always take myself so seriously. So, after all, maybe fun is the best word!

Thank you Heidi for participating in my Messyla Interview feature. I am an avid follower of your beautiful blog!  Make sure you take a look at Heidi’s blog Tilly and Kira and look out for her Etsy shop!
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