The Thrill of Learning New Skills.

Hi! Happy Monday. I think it’s nice to treat each day like it’s special. Even if it’s a horrible Monday which, if I am honest, is my least favourite day of the week. I like Tuesday when you are sort of in the groove of the week. Do you agree? :)

This weekend I have been planning a new business adventure and I am so excited to get started when my supplies arrive in the mail. It’s a completely new skill I will be adopting and it is a really beautiful and fufilling technique. I don’t want to share the details yet…but believe me it’s a lovely craft! The outcome is actually even a little too pretty to part with, but I guess that’s life as an indie business owner, yes?

One of my New Year goals was to diversify my product range which is what I have been busy developing through a series of notebooks the last couple of months. Learning new skills is something that I am really passionate about and inevitably comes hand in hand with diversifying into new and different product ranges. There are about 1001 crafts and techniques that I have probably never even heard of. Even the thought of it sends butterflies through my bones. Hopefully when I am old and grey I will be able to say that I have tried pretty much every craft once in my life. With my little cats surrounding me.

For now, a handful of new skills will be plenty for 2012.

Also, I am so over the moon with my new that is why most of these pictures are completely unrelated to this post. But pretty all the same and it gives you a little peak into my life.
Have a nice week.

P.s. Do you like my new layout? I am finally really proud of this little one. Also, I have now made some buttons for my blog! There are 3 sizes and they are available here. If you link to my blog I would just like to say thank you SO much. You make my blog what it is today and I couldn’t do it without all my loyal followers. I appreciate it so much.


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  1. eef

    Cute layout! I’m excited to see what new craft you will be doing! I love to try new crafts–although I need to limit myself before my entire apartment is filled with supplies!

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