Blog Diary Inspired by Love, Elycia.

Since blogging is such a huge part of my life these days, I was looking into a new organisation system to insure that I post daily and also posts that are of good content. I used to be so guilty of the “filler” posts just to say that I had posted that day..but now I feel I owe it to my fans, my blog and myself to post about lovely things always. Not just when I can be bothered. Blogging is a full time commitment and I love it.

I saw on Love, Elycia’s blog that she had a new blog diary and I loved the idea! She writes what posts are going to be posted each day and she sticks to it. This sounded like a fabulous idea! So I got myself another diary (One for personal, one for blogging.) and started to use it. And already I am finding that I know what I am going to write about each day and always commit to it. And, it’s pretty darn cute.

Eeek, you get a little sneak peak of what’s coming this week.
La x




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2 responses to “Blog Diary Inspired by Love, Elycia.

  1. it’s so pretty!! i have a journal (almost as pretty actually) where i try to combine both personal and blogging stuff but i’m starting to think keeping separate ones might be more tidy.

  2. This is a great idea! I have a planner already, but I like the idea of one dedicated to blogging.

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