As i’ve mentioned before, bunting is one of my favourite things in the world. And if I ran the world, I would definitely have bunting everywhere. I really do think it brightens up any room and just makes you smile when you see it. We could all use things in our lives that make us smile just by looking at them and for me, bunting does just that.

Especially when the fabric is cupcake, heart, teacup, bike, flower related. Those headings were my inspiration when I went fabric shopping last week with my Mum. We chose some beautiful fabrics and have gone to town on making some pretty bunting for the shoppe. I plan to upload them tonight and tomorrow, along with some valentines cards. I find etsy is very slow on my computer..does anyone feel the same? Picture uploading takes so long I end up watching tv whilst it’s downloading. :/

Here are some little peaks at two of the buntings, the others are a surprise! Have a lovely week, I am back to my other job tomorrow. Today’s freedom was fantastic, although the first quarter of the day I did pretty much the same things that I would do at work.. Clean, drink coffee, listen to Radio1 and stare into space. The makings of a good day I tell you.

Click here, to visit my etsy shop to see the bunting! :)

La. x


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  1. They are so cute! Bunting is one of my favourite things too :)

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