Checking In.

Yesterday, at my day job, lots of new items arrived in three huge boxes. And by huge I mean gigantic. I think I could have sat inside them comfortably and had lunch. So, I deffinetly had my work cut out for me. Luckily for me, they were all items that I absolutely  adored. Think pastels, tea sets, jugs, oven gloves that all say Time for Tea and Baked with Love. I was in my element! So much so, I ended up going back to work late last night to work on the displays – so I didn’t have time to blog.

I really need to restrain myself and not buy everything. I am such a softy when it comes to cute things! I just love little boxes or little cupcake ornaments or cake stands. I have been archiving my purchases lately as “Props” for photoshoots. (I am SO into making pretty photoshoots these days).

When I came home I ended up listening to a sleep hypnosis Youtube video, fell asleep within about 3 minutes and slept in until 10am! (I start work at 10am so, naturally, I was going crazy whilst I shoved on my tights and my horsey jumper.) I thought I looked okay today, despite the rush, but every other customer had a different idea. “You okay today dear? You look dreadful.” :( Thanks. So then you end up saying “Oh, I don’t feel well” because that is a lot less embarrassing than saying “Actually, I feel fine.”

Anywho, tonight I am a little tired and would love to crawl up into my bed and read my latest book. My plans are to have a relaxing bath and then head to bed with my book and a hot water bottle. Bliss! I hear it is meant to snow tonight and this weekend, so I better get cosy.

I will share some little peaks at my valentines range to make up for my absence yesterday:

Much love,
I hope you are starting to get into that weekend feeling.


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  1. Mri

    Oh I love those cards ^^
    xx, Mri

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