What I am looking forward to..

As I have previously mentioned, my boss at my other job has injured her leg and is out for a couple of weeks. Currently, I have been full time sine the 4th of January and to be honest I am finding the transition a bit tiresome. I love my job but sometimes, regardless of which job it is, you start to lose a grasp on what is keeping you going. So today I thought it’d be nice to list what I am excited for, so I never forget:

1. Tattoos with my dad.
For my dad’s christmas present, my sister and I are paying for my dad to get another tattoo and I am going to join and get another too!
2. Cycling my bikes.

3. Valentine’s card designs and growing my online shoppe.

4. Buying spring clothes, I am thinking lots of pastels!
5. Continuing 52 weeks of baking and hopefully be capable of wedding cakes or such like by the end of it. (Dream big, right?)
6. Use my camera outdoors.  I haven’t had much opportunity to use my lovely camera in the sunlight since Christmas..life is busy!

7. Shoot a workshop tour.
8. Drink lots of coffees at my favourite places. (Artisan Roast, Tinderbox and to try Coffee, Chocolate and Tea)

9. Visiting lovely gift shops and buying pretty things.
10. Going to London during the Summer to see all the lovely shops and cafes. (Can you tell that the two things in my life that excite me are coffee and cute things? I am easily pleased.)


Good night, all!
Sleep tight. xx



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2 responses to “What I am looking forward to..

  1. You should try Cushion and Cake on Old Dumbarton Road, it’s lovely!

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