Thrifted Teacups.

I have recently started a collection of teacups because they are so cute and dainty. I love floral cups and pastel colour cups. I love drinking from them and using them as props in my little photoshoots!
My dad found these birdy beauties in a charity shop and bought me them. I have all my family on the lookout for different vintage goods, it’s fantastic! So here are my latest editions to my teacup collection, I was giving them a big wash since there was still tea stains in them from the previous owner.. I guess thats the price to pay for beautiful vintage finds.

I love how these cups had a home before they came to me and probably a home before they came to the previous owner and someone else before that! The cycle goes on and on and it’s something I find really exciting. I also love how despite being years old, these cups have held their vibrant pattern.

I would like to collect lots more cups and maybe one day have a welsh dresser of my own to display them in.xx



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3 responses to “Thrifted Teacups.

  1. Oh I just adore these teacups!
    I collect them too, but mainly mismatched ones. I’ve used mine to serve chocolate mousse at a dinner party, it was a big hit!

    Lou x

  2. They’re lovely! I have quite the collection of teacups and have just started using them on a everyday basis.. it makes tea time even nicer!

  3. Can I ask where you got the floral tea towel from? It’s gorgeous!

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