Plans for my workshop.

This week I am back at my day job again until my boss is back on her feet. I am so excited to get my days back and be able to craft all day and visit my favourite places in the West End. One of my plans in the near future is to have a little photoshoot of my workshop. My workshop is a little summer house in my garden with seaside blue walls, rickety stairs and a tiny little door. We are in the process of decorating our new house and as soon as spring hits, I intend on painting the outside walls and the door.

The inside is a little vacant at the moment because I had to move most of my tools and papers into my room over the winter period just incase things got a bit damp. I can’t wait to move everything back into the summer house (to get a little clearance in my room) but also to feel like I am “Going to work” each day. It’s so easy to stay in my pjs and make cards from my bed but I dont feel it is as productive as when I get up, dressed and head up to my workshop.

I also want to do some more decorating in the summer house to make it as inspiring as possible. I think it was Elsie from A Beautiful Mess who said your craft room should be the most inspiring room as it is where you do all your best work. Inspiring surroundings will produce inspiring work. Bingo!

Until then, I will work from the depths of my room until the sun shines once more.xx


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  1. Thank you a lot for your comment! :)

    Have a lovely day!
    xx, Sarah

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