Bumble Bees at Work (Lots of Photos!)

This weekend has been so busy and equally exciting for Messyla and myself.   I finally got organized in my room and in my workshop. One had to happen for the other to happen too, so I finally was able to get both done when a little bit of sunshine came along.

I love when things are organized and when everything is in the right place so I was extremely inspired to fashion a “peg board” design in the summerhouse for all my tools. It makes card making a lot more efficient and also it is pretty to look at.  (which is very essential for those crafters-block days.) The summer house has lots of little glass panes with wooden surrounds, so I hammered in about 20 long nails to hang up my punches and scissors. Even pairing two on a slant to house my Corner Chomper. Check me out.

Making my room have cute little displays makes me very happy and is one of my favourite things to do when I have a spare hour or so. Refreshing my room to correspond to the seasons has been something that has been so exciting about having a new room that I can decorate. Tonight, I made lots of pastel “displays” using my teacups, pretty craft books and my cotton fibre wool. I can’t wait to create more and to keep it nice and neat! (for once, it isn’t filled to the brim with projects and fabric scraps.)

Today was a busy day for Messyla in showing Cassiopeia some of my new range and also visiting my other stockists in the West End.  I love my work day trips to there because they are exciting, inspiring and give me so much ambition I feel like I might explode! They are also extremely coffee fuelled which is, to me, a very important part of any day.

Tomorrow should be a VERY interesting and experimental day (after work) because I placed a supply order with Stampin’ Up and it should be arriving!  I will share my news about my meeting with Emma and all the products I have ordered once I get to try out every single thing… This is going to be like Christmas all over again! Stamps, ink pads, papers.. Oh my!

I will leave you with some sneak peaks of my tidied room!

Good night all.

La, x.



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2 responses to “Bumble Bees at Work (Lots of Photos!)

  1. Stina

    Your home is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You have the prettiest room ever!

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