Vintage Scarves & Mollie Makes.

Today was a day of running errands, which is a day that I particularly love! I love little trips to the post office and dropping things off here and there. Although, I think the post office are getting sick of me bringing in small white packages with colourful stamps all over them..

Tonight I cleaned up my room again and did some more re-arranging. I really do think that a clean and tidy room = a clean and tidy mind! Hurrah, I now have both. I also organised my vintage scarves, I am going to make a conscious effort to include them in my day to day outfits..they are too pretty to live in a suitcase all year long.

I am SO excited to get into my bed tonight and read my Mollie Makes magazine.. I had heard of the magazine and finally found it at my craft store. It looks so beautiful and completely follows the styles that I love. I think I have already turned into an avid fan! I may suscribe..

Tomorrow is also the arrival of my new coffee maker. I love coffee and love having a nice coffee to start my day. So today I went and bought some ground beans from Artisan Roast to go with my new coffee tin and mug. Photos to come soon!

Back tomorrow with some Valentine’s things!
La, x.


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