The Man with the Mustache.

Today was the first day, and the beginning of something incredulous, that I had my little morning coffee from my Bialetti Moka Pot. I am sold. Completely.

It’s no secret to my blog viewers that I love coffee. Cameron and I go to coffee shops/drink coffee every time we are’s a ritual and something we love doing. Normally in the morning I had an instant coffee, which I grudged! So I felt it was time to buy myself a little stove top coffee maker and some ground beans from Artisan Roast. I love presents to myself after weeks of hard work..even though it was a small thing like a coffee maker and some beans, it makes you keep going when times are exhausting.

There is some fine tuning I need to master to make my coffee perfect, but for the first one I am pretty delighted. It’s so easy, really cute and delicious. I like having a morning ritual that starts off my day. I am a bit of a grouch until I have had some sort of coffee in the morning. And now, it is like I have a mini Artisan Roast in my kitchen. But in this coffee shop I can wear fluffy slippers, pjs and a dressing gown.

Tonight, I am going to try and go swimming and start up that regime again. I have more time after my month-long Mon-Sun working for my other job and it is really great to sink back into normal life. I love swimming but haven’t been in a long time! I best go now before my upcoming tattoo appointment..

Have a lovely evening.x


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