52 Weeks of Baking: Week Seven.

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake

Finally, I am catching up on my baking! Okay, today I had a sudden urge to be very housewifely. I found our Rachel Allen: Bake! book and opened it to the first page I found. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to bake, so I thought a lucky-dip approach would be perfect. It opened up at the Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake and I thought it looked delicious and simple enough for me to make.

It is basically two Madeira cakes that I shared previously, here. It is the one mixture split into two bowls. One bowl you add 50g of Cocoa Powder and the other you leave as your plain Madeira cake. Then, take your circular baking tin and add spoonfuls of each to the tin. Gently mix the two batters together, but not too much! You want to keep the marbled/swirled effect throughout.

The outside of my cake has little polkadots of the different batters and inside it has swirls of vanilla throughout! Dust with icing sugar and serve with cream. I am so happy with the results!x


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