Rain Showers & Flowers

Today was a particularly wet day in Glasgow. Lashing rain and high winds..not the makings of a very pleasant morning I have to say! Although, I made it to the West End and had a lovely coffee with my dad from Epicures of Hyndland. I really relish getting up early and getting my promoting, etsying, post officing and preparing in check before 9am – it makes my day good when the weather is bad!

Here are some little snaps from the lovely Lavender Blue. Allie and I gabbed away and rifled through her Mother’s button tin which was very exciting. I was also lucky enough to take a little cluster home. Thank you Allie’s mum!

Tonight, Cameron and I went to see The Woman in Black. Okay, if you get scared by things that jump out at, eerie settings and the ‘unknown’..don’t go and see this film. It’s terrifying! We were constantly on edge about what was going to jump out at us. The film itself was outstanding but the anticipation of waiting for your next fright was difficult!!

Good night all..xx


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  1. Allie McCann

    Oh Lovely Lara, you have made my shop look beautiful with your great snaps…..always such a lovely part of my week reading your blog…with love…Allie x

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