Handmade Touches

Doing up my room since moving to a new house has been so enjoyable. Everything in my room I adore. The majority of my things are either thrifted, handmade or a family heirloom! It’s my little cave and I couldn’t be happier in it.
I felt I needed a cushion for my bed and set to work across Etsy and every other handmade online outlet. I couldn’t really find what I was looking for until, by chance, I logged onto Instagram and saw the lovely Nikki McWilliams had uploaded a picture of her new Party Ring Cushions! I fell in love and knew that I would like one for on my bed. I chose pink because I thought it was a nice colour clash since the majority of my room is blue and green.

Thank you Nikki! It arrived so quickly and I couldn’t be happier. x


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One response to “Handmade Touches

  1. fantastico, you rock scotty girl, your gift are out of this world and i love the cushions.

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