March has been a month that I have been so excited for. I never realised it before, but it really is my favourite month and season. I love the colour pallets it brings, the birds that sing and the bounce it puts in my step. Spring is a perfect season. It’s not too warm, it’s not too cold and it means you can finally take off that winter coat and visit the new born lambs. I mean, come on, is there anything cuter than seeing a new born lamb frolicking along the fields? I didn’t think so.

This month is full of posts. It is going to be so enjoyable to write and create! I really want this month to be extra special and hopefully that will transcend to the rest of the years posts. I thought today I will share with you the types of things you can look forward to here at MessyLa.

There will be a lot more baking to continue my challenge. I have a few recipes in my cook books that I am dying to try out and think will be perfect for this season. March suggests to me: freshness, lightness and healthy foods. So that is exactly what my brief is for this months recipes.. I am so excited! I am definitely going to take a whirl at making some bread with lovely crunchy seeds. Will you join me?

Next on the cards for March is a basket full of D.I.Ys. I personally get such joy from doing things myself. Whether it be tweaking something I have had for a while, bought that needs amending or making something myself completely from scratch. They are all easy and creative – hopefully giving you a peachy Spring task that we can both make.

Something that I have been pondering for some time is Vlogs and outfit posts. I feel I am at a stage in my blogging career that I should share more personal touches – like myself! I rarely post pictures of myself on my blog and have never experienced vlog making. However, I think it is a vital ingredient to an enriching lets you reach the blogger on a more personal level and learn a little more about me. Fingers crossed I have the guts to record a vlog. Although, I take photos of my foods in restaurants before I eat them..I am sure talking to my camera will be just a crazy.

I have an abundance of fun posts lined up this month and I can’t wait to share them with you. I don’t want to give too much away but I have put my heart and soul into planning a lovely blog month for my fantastic viewers! You deserve it and so does my teeny little blog.
Have a nice night,
La. xo



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2 responses to “March

  1. March is one of my favourite months too! I just love the change in the seasons.

    It sounds like you have lots of exciting things coming up for your blog, I’m looking forward to them :)

  2. Oooh sounds wonderful! I’m undergoing a little overhaul and adding more personal touches in March too! (I’m switching to WordPress, eep!)
    What a month of possibilities, can’t wait!


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