52 Weeks of Baking: Week Nine.

Mocha Cookies.

I love coffee and these cookies were something that I was dying to try out. I really wanted to make a sweet treat that incorporated my love of the bean and that could be eaten whilst drinking a good cuppa’ joe. Rachel Allen makes these delicious little guys and the recipe is a joy to follow. The dough forms really quickly, although is difficult to work with at first because it is so warm in your hands. So, in hindsight, I deffinetely would pop the dough in a freezer bag and place in the fridge. (As suggested but, being a stubborn baker, I chose to skip this step initially.)

Roll the mixture out and cut with your lovely cooker cutters. You know I had a hard time choosing this. Yes. I really did. But I ended up concluding this head scratch moment with a plain and simple scallop rectangle. It reminded me of custard creams and I just love scallops.

You use instant coffee granules for this mixture (2 Tsp) and, I felt, that it might be a little strong for most pallets. So, if making these little guys again, I would perhaps reduce the coffee to 1-1 1/2 Tsp. To sandwich them together you do a simple chocolate icing: cocoa, butter and icing sugar. Whiz up in the food processor which again comes together beautiful and quickly. Be sure to let your cookies cool completely before applying the chocolate icing. I felt the icing was quite tough and since the cookies are so delicate and fragile, I was not taking any chances!

I highly recommend this simple recipe! I can’t wait to enjoy them with my little morning coffee.

Goodnight everyone,
Thanks for being such a good audience and inspiring me everyday.


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