Decorative ways to use a Jam Jar.

I collect a lot of things that are pretty. Pretty bottles from lemonade, tins from tomatoes and jam jars from strawberry jams. I love keeping them for days like today – creative days! Days where my fingers are ready to do something inspiring and extremely adorable.

Let’s talk about recycling. Keeping our jam jars may seem ridiculous buy when we need something pretty for a present or display – we are thankful for our hoarding natures.

A few ideas that I came up with were table centres, adventure pots, gift bags, coffee jars and sweet pots! I initially created all of these ideas and photographed them outside..and they turned out rubbish! So here are some photos that made it.. scarcely.

Adventure Pot:

For this pot, I simply cut out a strip of cardstock at about 2″ x 12″ and wrapped it around the jar. I then cut out a scalloped circle from pretty candy striped paper and then the little label. The adventure pot is for when you go out long walks and find pretty things you want to store for the day.

Sweet Pot:

This pot is my favourite because it is so versatile! It could be used on the living table or even at a wedding. Decorate it with some present ribbon, paper and a cocktail stick sign. Your guests will be fighting for a treat from it’s beautiful centre! This particular design is something I will be making for my Sister’s wedding. The little signs can say “Just Married”, “Paul + Emma”, “Forever + Ever”..etc.

Gift Bags:

This jar has been decorated using a white paper doily and some bakers twine. Fold the doily in half and then (long ways) fold it again. I also made a scalloped square gift tag and added some glittery stars on the lid. Use this as a little gift bag for a special friend!

I hope you liked these little tips and are hopefully inspired to decorate any piece of packaging you may be stocking up..x


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