Creating your own space that evokes who you are!

I vaguely remember a time when I longed to have pretty things. I wanted bed spreads, jewellery, stationary, shoes and everything else that I could greedily cherish in my life. I wanted to echo my personal style and loves in my clothes, bedroom and general ambiance. I love vintage. I love adoring something that has been pre-loved in years Bygone, finding out the history of something that has been in the family for decades or finding little tea stains on the oldest, daintiest cups. What happened in the beginning of these objects lives? Where have they been before they came to me? And what will be the happening of them as they are passed down my family when I grow old and grey.

I wasn’t sure where to start or even what I planned to do. I knew it would be highly impersonal, expensive and childish to just dash out to the shops and pick up every pretty thing and toss it everywhere in my world. So, I knew, that I had to build up my collections. Bit by bit. Little by little. Things that I saw in shops and instantly fell in love with. Teasets belonging to great Gran’s that have been dusty in a cupboard fell into my lap and now adorn my shelves. Now, 4 and a bit years later, I feel I am now at the stage where my personality is evoked in everything I do and how I look.

I couldn’t be happier in my colorful and patterned world. Here are my tips to harvesting your strengths, loves and dreams.

Making a Scrapbook or Mood Board.
If you aren’t sure what your personal fancy is, flip through some magazines like Mollie Makes or Home and Garden and cut out the images you like. Keep collecting and fill your scrapbook or board. Do you see a pattern? Generally you will start to see a pattern of things you have been inspired by.

Start within the family.
The best place to start to find vintage goods is within your family. You might have a 50’s teaset belonging to your great great Aunt that is really special. You could give it a lovely home and a new lease of life. I have dinner services galore that have ran in my family that I am completely head over heels for. Some I have the pleasure of playing with now and others I have the delightful wait to when I am older and have my own family.

Collect. Collect. Collect.
If you like something, buy it. I know that sounds completely lavish and unrealistic. But if you see something so beyond spectacular that you KNOW you will KICK yourself for if you leave it behind. You simply must buy it. Buy it now or regret it later. Within reason. We all know we want this that and the next thing, but I am referring to heart wrenching objects that make our lives complete. Like teapots. Yes?

Is there a vase in your house, or a picture or a jug that just doesn’t suit you? My suggestion is to perhaps donate it to charity, offer it to a friend or that family member that always liked it. If there is something that makes your atmosphere a little less than perfect, be sure to get rid of it! You want things that you truly love in your life. Not just ‘Like’.

Display, Cherish and Love.

Now is the fabulous part. Relish, marvel and enjoy your life and the pretty things in it. Use your teacups for that boring meeting at work, make special scones and display them for no one but yourself..Enjoy every minute of each day. And the little things that make the big nasty things more bearable.




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3 responses to “Creating your own space that evokes who you are!

  1. Your room is so pretty, and very you! Lovely tips! x

  2. I love this post! Your room looks so dreamy, it must be such a nice space to relax and daydream in~

    I agree with collecting treasures from family! I have lots of vintagey things gathered from different family members, and knowing the history behind them makes them even more special. It’s nice to think that things like my Dad’s record holder from the 70s and my great great grandfather’s dressing table are having a new life with me :)

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