Ways of Curing Writer’s Block

Initially, I signed up for a blog as a way to share my Messyla adventures with the world. I never thought that one day it would become my online journal that sweetly depicts my life. I have ventured into other areas of the blog; baking, my thrifting, my general day to day life and of course my making madness. So when this week, I suffered from a little writer’s block..I just couldn’t have it!

I put my little brogue-laden foot down and said that I would not let my blog suffer just because I haven’t taken a photo today or come up with an engaging idea. That is my fault, not my beautiful blogs.

So, my name is Messyla and I have a dose of writer’s block. Not for long. My life is too creative to not have something delightful to write about. Here is my prescription to extinguishing writer’s block:

Make a cuppa tea. 

Believe it or not, a simple cup of tea could work wonders for the part of your brain that makes writing come naturally and good ideas grow on trees. For me, tea soothes my mind and lets me think that the simplest of things in life are the most beautiful. *TIP* Having your tea in a dainty and delicate teacup increases productivity by 100%.

Making a list. 

Take your pen and make a list of the things that you would like to write about.  My favourite kinds of posts are those where I share tips (like this one!). I find them so enjoyable to write, take photos for and I get the best reception from my viewers. So I started jotting down things that I could possibly share some tips about.

Go for a bubble bath. 

Run a bath and indulge in some you time. You need to put your blog out of your head for a few moments and come back to it. Think of it as something you have forgotten, you leave it with your mind to ponder and eventually the answer is there at the tip top of your brain. Similar situations happen in blog land, I have found.  What to write about? I ask myself. Leave it with me, replies my brain. And next thing I know I am typing away tips at evoking a space that reflects your personality!

Fill the room with the sounds that you love. 

I have been writing a blog for over a year now and something that I have found so distracting, whilst trying to write, is background noise. Turn on that favourite soothing music you love and let it sink into your brain! Comforting and relaxing environments can be the beginning of a blossoming blog post.

I hope these silly and helpful little tips can be utilised next time you are stuck for things to blog about! And if all else fails, maybe cute cat photos will make you laugh.



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  1. Teacups and tea are my secret weapons! Without them, I don’t know what would happen to me or my blog! :P

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