What my craft room really looks like..

When I am doing a bulk order, keeping my craft room prestine and ‘photo shoot’ worthy is the last thing on my mind. I fling bits of ribbon in the air, have many a’mugs with tea and coffee dotted about and muddy wellies on. My hair isn’t in ship-shape either. In fact, I tend to be wearing my pj top and a pair of holey leggings. Sounds attractive? Not really.

But this is reality! And some times these messes are actually the most genuinely pretty thing to take pictures of. They prove that I am a busy bee, I love my work and sometimes I am so enthralled in what I love that combing my hair is put on the back burner. But that is the joy of having something that I am so incredibly passionate about in my life. And for that, I feel the luckiest girl alive. x

p.s. my ‘N’ button is somewhat less squidgy on my keyboard and not working. So I am copy and pasting N’s! That is commitment to blogging. I love you all!


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