Fridays are for Tea Parties.

Last week, my mum and I made an executive decision. Fridays, in their mood lifting glory, will now be tea party day. Each week at approximately 2pm, we will sit down to tea in some thrifted teacups and some sort of sweet treat. It makes that Friday feeling even more enthralling and also lets me use my pretty cups more often. I am trying extremely hard to use them for everything. Even measuring flour for cakes, for drawing pins and for cotton buds!

Spring is certainly upon us at the moment and the days couldn’t be nicer. They are warm but not hot. Wind free and dry as a bone! Goldilocks’ favourite weather I suspect. Today’s tea party was in the garden at my little pink table. We used one of my first cup sets and had some marshmallow treats. It was the perfect break from a busy morning! I hope you will all try and dedicate a small ten minutes one day a week to a tea break. It revitalises you and makes you happy! Sometimes, on special fridays, there is the prospect of tea and the middle of the day..for no apparent reason at all. Except living! x



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  1. I wish I could have a tea party every friday with a loved one!
    Sounds like a great idea!

    Lou xx

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