52 Weeks of Baking: Week Twelve.

Chocolate Tray Bake with Ganache Icing. 

Ahh the tray bake. The simplest of cakes, yet the most tummy loving. This chocolate tray bake had the most delicious batter out of anything I have made so far! I loved making this, and I am excited to tell the details..

Todays recipe is from the Aga cookbook, but isn’t solely for Aga users.

I love recipes that you can fling all the ingredients into the food processor, with skill, and out comes the most creamy and delicious batter. The recipe is very liquidy; 4 eggs, 4 tbspoons milk and some boiling water. Which makes it creamy and like you could dive into it and swim about. The cocoa gives it the perfect hit too, no chocolate is melted into the initial batter. I may have licked the spatula clean..I couldn’t resist. Till eventually I had to put fairy liquid all over the bowl and utensil just to quell my greed.

You pour your mixture into a baking tray, I used quite a deep one to have result in lovely thick slices. And cook for about 30-35 minutes. It took alot longer to cook than I had expected, and I got increasingly worries when about 8 minutes before the end there was no crack down the middle. (The sign of a good bake.) But it cracked and I was relieved! I left the bake to cool for about an hour before icing.

The icing was something I was a bit jubious about. I love creme fresh – on curry though..not necessarily on a cake! But I was so overwhelmed with the deliciousness of this icing. Its simple melted chocolate and creme fresh..and is thoroughly enjoyable! There is a lovely tang as an after taste and the intense chocolatey-ness overrules any real creme fresh taste. It was so simple, and something you could leave melting throughout the day without any real attention paid to it. I will definitely use this ganache icing for most of my cakes in the future!

Okay doke, thats all from me today. Have a lovely weekend folks, I hope the sun sticks around with his straw hat on.x



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  1. hyzenthley

    You make the most delicious looking treats! I wish we were neighbours so we could have afternoon tea parties :)

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