Messyla In Edinburgh

Today I have packed a small little bag and I am ready for my three day adventure to Edinburgh. I am so excited to visit gift shops, craft shops, thrift shops and coffee shops! Let’s hope I don’t go overboard and come home with lots of bags full of china…or maybe I will. It’s an addiction after all? Yes. That’s true!

If you have any suggestions for places I should visit then let me know below. I want to explore every corner and creative street there is.
Dont worry, I will still be answering emails and tweets..(Because I am obsessed with Messyla). However, if you place an order with me from my online shoppe then it won’t be posted until Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I look forward to returning with some bright ideas, new inspirations and a blazing fire of ambition!

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Happy Mini Holiday to me! xx


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One response to “Messyla In Edinburgh

  1. Lyndall

    I hope you have a lovely time on your mini-holiday! ♥

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